Domotz Pro User Guide Autotask Integration

You can connect your Autotask PSA Account into Domotz. Autotask PSA will become one of the Contact Channels available when creating a Shared Alert. This means that you can create or update an Autotask ticket when a specific event occurs in Domotz.


You'll need:

  • Autotask PSA User Name/Password
  • Autotask API user Autotask PSA API user creation

First step for the integration has to be performed on Autotask PSA side. Please follow these steps.

Open the Autask main menu and click over Admin and Extensions & Integrations.

Under “Other Extensions & Tools” click on “Integration Center”:

Search for “Domotz – RMM” and Mouse over the burger menu and click “Edit”.

Mark as “Active” and then press on “Save&Close”.

Once done, search again “Domotz – RMM” (should be on the top of the list), and Mouse over the burger menu and click “Add API User”.

Fill General tab accordingly and select Security tab. Select a robust password, and copy both the Username and Password. The tool will also ask to fill HR, Approvers, Associations.

The above are the credentials you'll use inside Domotz to connect your Autotask Account. Autotask Contact Channel creation

Now that you have your Autotask API user created, you can proceed in connecting it to Domotz. Please click on Connect Account button and enter your credentials.

Now select the Autotask queue in which Domotz will create support tickets.

Click on Manage Agents and select to which Autotask PSA Accounts each Domotz Agent should create a support ticket on.

Please note that the Domotz Agent mapping is not mandatory. If no choice is done tickets will arrive anyway, yet with no Account set.

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