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The Domotz portal gives users all the available information and administrative features related to the account, associated Agents, licences and teams.


The following sections are available:


  • Web App: opens the Domotz web application.


  • Team: used for team management (visible to Team Masters only) 


  • Subscriptions: List of Agents installed and details about credits and subscription plans


  • Domotz Software: use this section if you want to download versions of Domotz for your NAS or your Raspberry Pi and quick links to the mobile app stores


  • Account: insert your account details here (for example billing info, company details, etc.)


  • Settings: manage your account services, Shared Alerts, webhooks and public APIs

5.1. Team Management

Domotz Pro is designed to allow members of the same organization to access, in a controlled way, the same pool of Agents. The owner of the Domotz Pro account (Team Master) can create team members.

5.1.1. Team Master

A Team master is responsible for the administration multiple networks.
He can:


  • Use all features of domotz


  • Buy and extend licences


  • Create and remove team members



5.1.2. Team Members

A Team member can access any Agent set up by the Team (either Team Master or other Team Members).

He can:


  • Access all features of an Agent, exactly like his Team Master


  • Set-up his own set of alerts



A Team Member:


  • Cannot buy or extend licences


  • Cannot create or remove other team members


  • Can (if allowed by the Team Master) share an Agent with people external to the team


  • Cannot view or change Account Info

5.1.3. Field Operators

This is a special type of Team member. They have the same capabilities as normal Team Members, but only permissioned on certain agents assigned by the Team Master.


Field Operators can also configure new Agents, and by default, they will have access to these configured Agents.

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