Domotz Pro User Guide Side bar

The map side bar contains: a Search input field that allows you to look for a specific device inside the map (the results will be colored in yellow), a scale button to display the whole map in the screen and a filters setion.
An Outdated link is either a link that connects an offline device or a connection information not available anymore for that particular device. You can also collapse the leaves in order to reduce the map size: the leaves will be collapsed as follows. Legend
  • Direct Link:   this is a link discovered by the Domotz algorithm. It can't be modified.
  • Manual Link:  this link is created when a device is manually mapped on a managed switch port, tipically when through that port multiple devices are reached.
  • Wifi Link:  this is related to our Wifi Access Point Monitoring feature (see @4.12.6. Wi-fi Access Point Monitoring‍ ). Supported APs will show WiFi connected devices.
  • Outdated Link:  this link is not valid anymore, because either the device has been removed from the network, or moved to another location where our algorithm can't discover its connection.
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