Domotz Pro User Guide Zendesk Integration

You can connect your Zendesk Account into Domotz. Zendesk will become one of the Contact Channels available when creating a Shared Alert. This means that you can create or update a Zendesk ticket when a specific event occurs in Domotz.


You'll need:

  • Zendesk Domain Name
  • Zendesk User Name
  • Zendesk API Token  (how to get it)

After the connection with your Zendesk Account is complete you can decide to map your Domotz Agents onto Zendesk Organizations. In this way everytime a specific Agent generates an alert on the Zendesk contact channel you'll recevie a ticket on Zendesk already assigned to a chosen Organization.


Please note that the Domotz Agent mapping is not mandatory. If no choice is done tickets will arrive anyway, yet with no Organization set.

Tickets created on Zendesk will contain all the needed information. If a device will trigger an alert and an opened ticket for that device is already present in Zendesk, the new event will be appended to the same ticket. 

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