Domotz Pro User Guide

5.4. Account Management

This is the section that you will use to change/update your Account details.
Furthermore, in this section

5.4.1. Account Info

In this section, you can configure your billing account details (invoice address, type of account, name, country, etc).

In case you use Subscription billing type (see @2.1. Account billing type‍), you must also fill your payment method information. Invoice information*

*Only for Subscription Account billing type (check @2.1. Account billing type‍).


Once you've specified payment method, you will be able to control the Invoices information. It includes Invoices History with their dates and payments values. You can easily download any Invoice in PDF.


There you can also find Estimated Upcoming Invoice information about the next payment. If you click on ?, you will see its details with Subtotal, date and the Plan you use.

5.4.2. Branding

This tab allows you to configure your contact info and upload a company logo for display in the Violet customer app and in reports generated. Don't forget to save changes.

5.4.3. Two-Factor Authentication

This tab allows you to configure Two-Factor Authentication to add more security to your Domotz account

When enabling the 2FA – via toggle button – the user is requested to enter his password and confirm.


After this step, the 2FA token (QR Code) is generated and needs to be saved and used inside an external application like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to generate fresh Domotz login codes.
While acknowledging the token saving, the user can chose to flag the option “Remember me”, which allows to trust the device and skip the authentication.


At the 2FA activation process completion, the page displays:


  • The list of Trusted devices (all devices that do not require the two-step authentication at login moment, if the “Remember me“ option has been selected). By clicking the bin icon, the user can remove one device from the list.


  • The code being used


  • The button to renew the security token (the previous token will be disabled and the user will be prompted to insert a new code).


The user can disable the 2FA at any time (by using the toggle button and inserting his password).


The Team Masters can check wether or not, his team members have configured the 2FA for their accounts, in the Team section available in the user portal.

5.4.4. Change Password

Here you can change your account password.

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