Domotz Pro User Guide Edit Agent


In this section there are additional information about the selected Agent such as activation date, package version, local IP address, MAC address of the physical device binded to the Agent. Agent’s name can be changed from this section. Clenaup Agent Data

From the Edit section you can also Cleanup the Agent data. All the configuration made inside the Agent, together will the scanned info will be deleted. The Agent name and subscription status will remain as it is. Delete Agent


From the Edit section you can also delete the Agent from your list. Delete Agent will remove all the data related to an Agent. It can be useful if you want to move a box from a location to another, to get rid of previous data. Please be advised that:


  • A delete operation is only possible when the Agent is disconnected.


  • A delete operation will permanently remove all data related to an Agent


In order to activate a new agent after a delete you need to follow the steps for starting the Agent for the first time indicated in section @3. INSTALLING AND STARTING THE DOMOTZ AGENT‍ . Prepay Agent

If you whish, you can can prepay any Subscription Agent up to 5 years with your registred credit card.

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