Domotz Pro User Guide

4.8. Customer Management

Contains key details about the customer site. This will be used as reference contact information for the location where the Agent is set.

The physical address specified here will be used in the Multisite Dashboard (see section @4.1. The Multisite Dashboard‍ )

The Email address is required to enable the Violet Digital Support Client App. The Email address must be different from any email used to create Domotz Pro user accounts.

This section also contains a Note field. This can be used to keep track of some notes strictly related to the specific Agent/Network.



4.8.1. Client App

This is where you will enable the Violet Digital Support Client App for your customers and manage which devices you will allow them to see and which devices they can turn on/off or Internet block from Violet.

In the images below you will see the various phases of enabling the customer for Violet Digital Support:


1 – If an email address has not been added

2 – If the email address is available but the customer is not enabled for Violet

3 – The message screen you get, letting you know that the customer will receive an email to activate their account for Violet


You can configure the visible, power controllable and blockable devices before inviting your customer into the Violed Digital Support App.

Blocking feature is only available through Violet when the Domotz Agent is configured on a Domotz Box or on a Luxul Router. Devices discovered on the tagged VLANs configured on the Domotz Box cannot be blocked through Violet Digital Support App due to technical limitation to the implementation of the pausing functionality. 

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