Domotz Pro User Guide

4.7. Access Management

This feature is only available to the Team Master and delegated Team Members

With the Access Management feature the Agent owner (and any delegated Team Member) can grant network access to a trusted person, as long as this person has a Domotz account (each Agent can be shared with max 2 people). This should be used to share Agents outside of your organization. You can also create a Team of colleagues from the Domotz Portal (see @5.1. Team Management‍ ). 

4.7.1. Invite a Guest

To give a trusted third party access to your Agent/network, simply tap on the Access Management tile in the Agent Dashboard and you’ll see the following screen.

Tap on Invite a Collaborator:


Now simply fill in the persons email address (used as a Domotz Account) and tap on Send. You can only invite existing Domotz Account users.

You’ll see a Pending notification until the other person has accepted the invite.

The person you’ve invited will receive an email informing them that you’ve shared access to your Domotz Agent and they’ll receive a notification in their app that they’ve been invited to access your Domotz Agent. Your Domotz Agent will show up in their app under Guest Agents and they can select it from the list of Agents and can access it just like any other Domotz Agent.

When the guests accept the invitation, his status will change from Pending to Accepted.

4.7.2. Remove a Guest

To revoke access, simply tap on the small red X by the persons email address and you’ll be asked if you want to remove the guest from your Agent.

Simply tap "Yes, Remove" and the person will have their access to your Agent revoked. An email will be automatically sent to inform the person that they can no longer access your Agent.

4.7.3. I am a Guest

If I am a guest of somebody else’s Agent (I was invited and accepted), I can monitor that Agent just like any other Agent. In this case the Collaboration section will simply display the owner’s account, the Agent Name, and button to leave the collaboration.

The “Leave Agent” function is permanent and you will be unable to access the Agent any longer. The owner will need to invite you again to restart the collaboration.



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