Domotz Pro User Guide Determine OID

It is very helpful to use an MIB Browser iReader like the following: – free version for end users). Using this tool it is possible to navigate the OID tree for devices that support SNMP to find the OID sensor that you want to monitor.


It is important to configure your MIB tool for SNMP version 2c

The following is an example of a Sensor that will allow you to monitor the level of black ink level of my printer. In order to do this you will need to find some information in order to find the data you are looking for:


Index number for Black cartridge
Maximum level for the black ink cartridge (to compare to current level in order to determine percentage consumed).
Current level of black ink cartridge

In order to do this, you will do the following:

1. You identify the reference index for the black cartridge (in this case the index is 4):

Using this index, I can get other details for OIDs that are related to this cartridge, i.e. the Maximum level and actual level of the toner in that cartridge which I can then monitor and use to define my alerts.


2. From the OID of the SuppliesMaxCapacity (in my case you get 2500. This is the MAX value of the black toner that is supported by my printer. I will need this later to set up the alert.


3. Then you can get the the OID of the SuppliesLevel (the OID for the Black cartridge in the example is

This OID is what you will add to Domotz and will begin to monitor from the Eye tab of the device (

You can refer to the manufacturer’s documentation to determine the correct OID and expected values

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