Domotz Pro User Guide

4.4.4. Outlets

This tab screen is displayed for those device having special settings supported by Domotz. In particular, in this section you can find the place to configure and operate supported Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and IP-controlled power outlets (smart plugs). Smart Plugs & PDUs

For a current list of supported PDUs and smart plugs, visit our Communities page at: You can also contact if you have any questions or requests to support new devices.

If a smart plug or PDU is supported by Domotz, the Outlets section is automatically displayed with an entry for each port of the device.

Here you have basic on/off control of the switch as well as a power-cycle button (if natively supported by the PDU itself). You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to change the power state of the switch each time.


Domotz has an extremely useful feature where you can “Connect a Device/Connect additional devices” to the plug. What this does is that it creates a symbolic link between the outlet and the devices you selected, so you can easily keep track of what is plugged in where.

To “Connect a DeviceConnect additional devices” simply start by tapping on the symbol to the right of the devices name.

You should see a screen similar to the one below. Tap on the plug symbol in front of the device that is plugged in to the smart plug to create the connected device.

When the devices have been linked, you will be able to switch them on/off not only from the smart plug or PDU Config tab, but also from the linked device page. In the picture below you can see a AppleTV connected to a PDU outlet. The on/off and reboot buttons also appear in the Info section of the Apple TV.

Please always make sure that the associated device of a PDU you have set up within Domotz matches the real wired configuration. Username and password

Our implementation of smart plugs and PDUs typically use the default username and password of the supported devices. This is normally tested by our Agent at discovery time. If default user and password are used, you are not asked to provide credentials. If default credentials do not work, you will see the Outlets section of that device locked.

The section can be unlocked by entering the correct device access credentials.

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