Domotz Pro User Guide

2.4. The Application

Domotz has developed Web, iOS and Android applications to give its users flexibility and the best user experience when managing a network. The Web application is the main user interface and communicates data with the Domotz Agent.


Domotz mobile applications are designed so that users are able to provide remote tech support on the go. The Android and iOS applications can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store respectively.


If you have only one Domotz Agent installed that Agent will be the default view in the app when you log in to your account. If you have multiple Agents simply tap on the drawer menu button to access additional Agents. Tap on the Agent you want to access and you will be redirected to that Agent’s page. You can also use the map on the Pro Dashboard to easily navigate between your installations.


Full description of Domotz features can be found in Section @4. DOMOTZ APPLICATION REFERENCE‍ 



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