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2.3. The Agent

To monitor and manage a network, Domotz needs a device running on the network 24/7. We call these “Domotz Agents”. You can install a software Agent on hardware you may already own or you can purchase turnkey hardware.


Option A: Install Software

The Domotz Portal contains all the links to install software on several different hardware platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, any Linux Debian-like server or Ubuntu Core platforms. In these cases however, we cannot guarantee availability or support of every feature.

Log In to to download packages or link to installers.



Option B: Purchase Turnkey Hardware

For a simple, turnkey experience, you can purchase Powered by Domotz from one of our valued partners. Visit the Purchase/Install Agent page for info on where to buy turnkey hardware.

They supports complete automatic software updates and ensures smooth running and support of all of Domotz’ functionalities



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