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2.2. Key Features

Automated Network Discovery and Monitoring: Domotz discovers and monitors all IP connected devices regardless of brand or manufacturer. Standard monitoring is restricted to subnets not exceeding /22. Multiple VLANs are supported with specific configuration. For Advanced Plan subscribers, external Private Layer 3 subnets (max /24 subnet mask) and external Public IP/Hostname are allowed.


Professional Dashboard: A user friendly dashboard allows quick viewing and navigation between multiple Agents and customer sites.


Remote Device Access: App and WebApp embedded remote connectivity to devices that support HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, SSH or Telnet connections – without the need to establish a VPN. Remote connectivity to virtually any proprietary/common TCP Protocol (allowing the remote client/server connectivity to virtually any system).


Automatic Network mapping: Domotz automatically discovers devices connected to the individual ports of a managed network switch with details such as type of device, hardware manufacturer, model, IP address and others.


Network Interfaces Traffic and Errors: Monitor data traffic, packet losts and errors for individual network interfaces of SNMP enabled devices. Historical values available for each Network Switch port.


Wi-Fi Access Point Monitoring: Enhanced monitoring of supported Wi-Fi access point and connected cliens, with details about signal strength and noise level of APs for every channel.


SNMP and TCP Service Monitoring: Monitor any SNMP v2 OID values or availability of TCP Service on any port. Configure thresholds for alerting on those items.


Network and Device Alerts: Domotz users can get an unlimited number of alerts by email or mobile push notification about various events happening within the monitored network. Alerts can be configured on a per account basis.


Remote power management: Domotz provides the ability to turn devices on and off using the web or mobile app via PoE (Power over Ethernet), PDUs (Power Distribution Units) or smart plugs that Domotz currently supports. Soft-Reboot capability supported. Reboot capability via Web Remote Connection available.


Team management and Collaboration: A Team Master can invite Team Members to oversee monitored networks and provide remote tech support or access to the Agent’s devices. The Team Master can also share access to specific Agent to other Domotz Pro users.


Network Diagnostics: Domotz Pro users can perform speed tests, check network health or device connectivity, and perform bandwidth analysis to detect possible bottlenecks or packet loss.


Reports and Logging: Domotz Pro users can generate monthly and snapshot reports of activities on the specific network, which can be provided to the network owner.


Manufacturer Support: Domotz Pro users can launch troubleshooting sessions with partner Manufacturer support teams (e.g. Luxul, NuVo, etc).


IoT Integration: Domotz Pro users can leverage deeper integrations with partner Manufacturers.


Customer Facing App: Domotz Pro users can offer their customers a customized App to access and control their network from Remote. Schedule Internet Access at device and members level is available through this app.



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