Domotz Pro User Guide


This guide is intended for users with varying levels of knowledge and experience of the Domotz Pro system:

  • Custom integrators (Audio/Video, Home Automation, Security Systems, Digital Signage, etc)
  • IT Managed Services Providers
  • IT Technical Support Staff
  • Enterprise IT Management

Basic knowledge of computer networks and systems is required to fully understand the concepts and guidelines explained in this guide. Familiarity with the concepts of a MAC address, IP address, Remote connectivity, Network Devices (including but not limited to PoE Switches) and Power Distribution Units is expected.


The information in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Domotz Inc. Domotz Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document


Domotz Pro is a network monitoring and remote technical support system that gives its users full control over their networks. Domotz detects and monitors IP devices on the network, where the Agent is installed on, regardless of its brand or manufacturer, giving remote access to devices, network health analysis tools and the ability to get notified in the event of devices’ connectivity

Such features let professionals detect and troubleshoot problems that may arise on a customer’s
site remotely and without the need to go on site.


2.1. Account billing type

There are two different account billing types in Domotz Pro: Credits type and Subscription type.


The Credit billing system is based on purchasing Domotz credits and then usuing them for activationg or extending the Domotz Agents.


In case of Subscribtions billing type, Domotz will bill automatically every month, using a valid credit card, based on the number of installed Domotz Agents.


To understand which account billing type is associated with your Domotz Pro account, please, log in to If in that page you find the payment method section (like shown in the picture below), it means that your account has the Subscription billing type. If the payment method section is not present, it means that your account is using the Domotz Credits.


Please, be careful while reading the following guide, because it contains information for both account billing types.


Above: Subscription billing type.

2.2. Key Features

Automated Network Discovery and Monitoring: Domotz discovers and monitors all IP connected devices regardless of brand or manufacturer. Multiple VLANs are supported with specific configuration.  Private Layer 3 subnets (max /24 subnet mask) and external Public IP/Hostname are allowed.


Professional Dashboard: A user friendly dashboard allows quick viewing and navigation between multiple Agents and customer sites.


Remote Device Access: App and WebApp embedded remote connectivity to devices that support HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, SSH or Telnet connections – without the need to establish a VPN. Remote connectivity to virtually any proprietary/common TCP Protocol (allowing the remote client/server connectivity to virtually any system).


Automatic Network mapping: Domotz automatically discovers devices connected to the individual ports of a managed network switch with details such as type of device, hardware manufacturer, model, IP address and others.


Network Interfaces Traffic and Errors: Monitor data traffic, packet losts and errors for individual network interfaces of SNMP enabled devices. Historical values available for each Network Switch port.


Wi-Fi Access Point Monitoring: Enhanced monitoring of supported Wi-Fi access point and connected cliens, with details about signal strength and noise level of APs for every channel.


SNMP and TCP Service Monitoring: Monitor any SNMP v2 OID values or availability of TCP Service on any port. Configure thresholds for alerting on those items.


Network and Device Alerts: Domotz users can get an unlimited number of alerts by email or mobile push notification about various events happening within the monitored network. Alerts can be configured on a per account basis.


Remote power management: Domotz provides the ability to turn devices on and off using the web or mobile app via PoE (Power over Ethernet), PDUs (Power Distribution Units) or smart plugs that Domotz currently supports. Soft-Reboot capability supported. Reboot capability via Web Remote Connection available.


Team management and Collaboration: A Team Master can invite Team Members to oversee monitored networks and provide remote tech support or access to the Agent’s devices. The Team Master can also share access to specific Agent to other Domotz Pro users.


Network Diagnostics: Domotz Pro users can perform speed tests, check network health or device connectivity, and perform bandwidth analysis to detect possible bottlenecks or packet loss.


Reports and Logging: Domotz Pro users can generate monthly and snapshot reports of activities on the specific network, which can be provided to the network owner.


Manufacturer Support: Domotz Pro users can launch troubleshooting sessions with partner Manufacturer support teams (e.g. Luxul, NuVo, etc).


IoT Integration: Domotz Pro users can leverage deeper integrations with partner Manufacturers.


Customer Facing App: Domotz Pro users can offer their customers a customized App to access and control their network from Remote. Schedule Internet Access at device and members level is available through this app.



2.3. The Agent

To monitor and manage a network, Domotz needs a device running on the network 24/7. We call these “Domotz Agents”. You can install a software Agent on hardware you may already own or you can purchase turnkey hardware.


Option A: Install Software

The Domotz Portal contains all the links to install software on several different hardware platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, any Linux Debian-like server or Ubuntu Core platforms. In these cases however, we cannot guarantee availability or support of every feature.

Log In to to download packages or link to installers.



Option B: Purchase Turnkey Hardware

For a simple, turnkey experience, you can purchase Powered by Domotz from one of our valued partners. Visit the Purchase/Install Agent page for info on where to buy turnkey hardware.

They supports complete automatic software updates and ensures smooth running and support of all of Domotz’ functionalities



2.4. The Application

Domotz has developed Web, iOS and Android applications to give its users flexibility and the best user experience when managing a network. The Web application is the main user interface and communicates data with the Domotz Agent.


Domotz mobile applications are designed so that users are able to provide remote tech support on the go. The Android and iOS applications can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store respectively.


If you have only one Domotz Agent installed that Agent will be the default view in the app when you log in to your account. If you have multiple Agents simply tap on the drawer menu button to access additional Agents. Tap on the Agent you want to access and you will be redirected to that Agent’s page. You can also use the map on the Pro Dashboard to easily navigate between your installations.


Full description of Domotz features can be found in Section @4. DOMOTZ APPLICATION REFERENCE‍ 



2.5. The User Portal

The Domotz Portal is the main source of account management information. From the Portal, users can find available information about an Agent’s name, version, status, expiration date, extend the expiration date, purchase additional credits, change subscription plans (if possible by your configuration), change password to the Domotz account, manage team members, manage company configuration and branding, change global settings, enable Two-Factor Authentication and access to the community, knowledge base, blog and more.


From the Portal users can also get the Domotz Agent installation instructions for any of our supported hardware. For more details please refer to Section @5. USER PORTAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES‍ 


3.1. Installing a Domotz Box


Make sure you have an account:

• You can create an account at: Or you can log in at: If you don’t know your
username, check with the person that manages your company’s Domotz account. You
will need to be listed as a member of your company’s team. New team members can be
added in the portal at:  

Check your billing info:

Please refer to @2.1. Account billing type‍ to understand which account billing type you have. (if you are a new user your account is a Subscription account).


• If you have a Credits account you can verify your available credits by logging in to with your Domotz account credentials. If you need more credits, check with your team leader. Send an email to if you need any help with this. You will be
able to activate a Domotz Agent without any credits but you will need to add credits
within 24 hours in order to be able to continue monitoring the Agent.

If you have available credits, when the Domotz Agent is activated 12 credits will automatically
be allocated to the Agent giving it a 12-month expiration. This can then be changed
later should you wish (see section @4.1. The Multisite Dashboard‍ for more details.)


• If you have a Subscription account please verify your payment information by logging in to with your Domotz account credentials. The payment will be made automatically at the begining of every new month. 


Make sure you have the mobile app:

• You’ll need a Domotz app for the installation process. Download the Domotz Android or
iPhone app.


3.1.1. Activating your Domotz Box

1) Connect the Domotz Box to the network you want to monitor, by plugging it in to the
network (router or a network switch) using the network cable provided. Plug the box
into a power source and make sure it’s ON. 


2) Wait 5 minutes while the Box is automatically provisioned with the latest software.
Please do not disconnect the Box during this phase.

3) Connect your mobile phone to the same network as the Box. Open your app and
press “Find new Agent” from the left side hamburger menu. Once the Domotz Agent is
found, you’ll be prompted to tap the “Configure” button.*

4) You’ll be prompted to Login. Insert your Domotz Pro account credentials and press
“Login” and name your Agent/Site to activate your agent.


The manual part of the configuration is done. The Domotz Agent will proceed with scanning
the network and detecting all the devices. This can take anywhere from a few up to
10 minutes, depending on how many devices there are on the network.


*Alternative Local Set-Up: If you encounter any issues with step 3 of the instructions, you can also
configure your Domotz Box by searching for the IP address of the Domotz Box on your local network.
Once you have the IP you can use any browser to go to http://<ip address>:3000 . Afterwards, continue on to step 4.

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