Domotz Pro User Guide Setting an Event on a SNMP Sensor

To set an Event for an SNMP Sensor you should click on the “Configure an SNMP alert” button and you will get the following popup with a list of currently configured Sensors or the possibility to create a new sensor (will take you to the SNMP Configuration screen previously described):

By selecting the Sensor you will be able to configure up to 3 Events per sensor. The type of alert will depend on whether the Sensor is a String or Numeric value.



You will then see the configured Alerts appear in your list of Custom Alerts configured for your account:

You can remove the Event by clicking on the red X or set the alert to be received via email or mobile push.

Events cannot be edited. The Event formula will be shown below the alert name in the Alerts tab but you can only delete an Event. If you want to change the formula a new Custom Event will need to be created.

Events are tied to the Agent and not the user, so if you add/remove an Events this will affect anyone who is monitoring this Agent as well. i.e. If you delete an SNMP Sensor Event, another user who was receiving alert messages for this Sensor will no longer receive them.

Above: SNMP email alert example
Above: SNMP push Alert example
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