Domotz Pro User Guide Delete Device

This option allows you to delete a device as the name suggests. You would use this option to remove a device that isn’t likely to re-appear on the network for whatever reason. In the screenshot below, we have a device that went offline 1 month ago and it should potentially be a prime candidate to be removed from your list of devices.

The delete of an offline device is a logical remove of the device from the view. If it reconnects to the network, it’ll appear again in the list of devices. This allows the user to be always fully informed of the real status of the network and any connected device. It is possible to remove ALL the offline devices in once, from the Offline tab  “Remove all offline devices” button.

You can also remove an online device. In this case all device data will be deleted and the device will reappear as new at the next scan.

Also dummy devices and external Hostames/IPs can be deleted in the same way. 

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